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smoke kiss-1
Bibi and Squel are smoking a cigarette
 and kissing at the same time, you can
 see that they feel VERY at ease
 no stress just pure smoke and kiss sensual

Length: 4:36 Size:102Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-2
Ticha and Bibi having a good cigarette
 and kissing, seriously these girls are
 what you can say....the definition
of erotic kissing!!!

Length: 5:04 Size:112Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-3
Ticha and angy are like a explosion
of REAL kissing and smoking

Length: 5:24 Size:90Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-4
Ticha and Sun-shine are kissing and
 playing with there bubble gum
at the same time, nice sensual clip!!

Length: 5:36 Size:93Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-5
Sexy Jess and ina are totally French
 kissing to the max and smoking
a good cigarette VERY nice
smoke kiss action!!!

Length: 6:32 Size:103Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-6
Karine is a BIG tiits brunette and
 her real life friend Jess where smoking
 a good cigarette and starting kissing
 it starts off slow but has time pass the
 girls where felling better and better!!

Length: 5:47 Size:96Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-7
Ticha is over Bibi in this one, on the bed, there smoking and kissing just like the way it should be ;)
Length: 5:40 Size:126Mb

smoke kiss-8
Bibi and Ina are back at it again, this
girls are real life friend and like to share everything smoking and kissing!!!

Length: 6:05 Size:101Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-9
Ticha/Angy/Bibi and Ina are just plain smoke kissing machines, in this one, some much action you just don't know where to look;)
Length: 6:27 Size:107Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-10
Angy and Ina where felling kinda smooth and went for a good smoke kissing session, for you to enjoy!!!
Length: 5:43 Size:95Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-11
Young marie is pinned to the Wall and Bibi and Ina are smoke kissing her heavy!!! nice final effect;)

Length: 4:53 Size:81Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-12
Maries is a freshly turn 18 years old girls, she is pinned to the wall, and is kissing Very sensual with Blonde BomB angy, this girls know how to kiss!!!

Length: 4:47 Size:80Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-13
Bibi and Ina are enjoying a good cigarette and sharing there smoke, while there kissing and French kissing!!!

Length: 6:05 Size:101Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss14
Bibi is back for more kissing action, she Really love to kiss other girls!!! this time she is teamed up with this mulatis girls, witch is a Good kisser too, lots of sexy smoke exchange and kissing!!!
Length: 4:15 Size:71Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-15
This smoke kiss clips Features 2 godly girls, Noemie the blonde and Chealsea the brunette, these girls are real lofe friend and there used to kiss each other when they go out, they are the real bomb smoking machine and kissing, have fun!!
Length: 5:30 Size:92Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-16
Marie and angy is what I call the perfect match, both girls are real sensual, yes the girls where laughing at the start, but hey, its there nature ;)_ Very good smoke kissing action
Length: 5:44 Size:95Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-17
Ina and JoA are best friend they live together, work toghterther and are VERY close ;) in this clip they share some nice kissing and smoking!!
Length: 5:42 Size:95Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-18
Bibi was 8 months pregnant and is French kissing her best friend Ina that is smoking at the same time, she did inhale a lot ;)
Length: 5:49 Size:97Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-19
Chealsea and Rene are best friend IRL, and they are always kissing , when there going out etc, in this clip they smoke a 100mm cork filter and smoke kiss till oblivion!!! but seriously this is one hell of a good smoke kiss clip;)
Length: 4:44 Size:79Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-20
Wow Sexy Marie and bianka did an awesome smoke kiss performance that is to be remembered:) Not too be miss
Length: 6:54 Size:115Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-21
it was Tatiana and Nath first time ever kissing and smoking, the girls where shy but ended up like it a lot ;) and they are friends real life too!!
Length: 5:15 Size:87Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-22
Bianka and Marie are real life friend like BEST friend:) there smoking and kissing up a storm, and Marie is just pure eye candy to watch!!
Length: 4:44 Size:79Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-23
Angy and Sarah where drunk really drunk and they decided to go for a smoky drunk kiss, end result is pure smoke kiss;) have fun
Length: 5:14 Size:87Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-24
Angy is VERY used to kissing girls ;) in this clip Melo and blonde BoomB Angy are sensually smoke kissing all the way!!!
Length: 4:31 Size:75Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-25
Bibi and Sarah are real life girls on girls kissing pros, and it shows there passion and sensuality in this smoke kissing clip:)
Length: 5:23 Size:90Mb Price: $5


smoke kiss-26
Yeah Sarah and angy are 2 of my best kissing and smoker, so when we mix all this, the end result is just plain good kissing and smoking exchange!!
Length: 4:25 Size:74Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-27
New girls Jade and Tray wow, real sensual smoking and kissing lets just say that these girls are not at there first smoke kissing experience;)
Length: 5:08 Size:85Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-28
WoW these girl came to the studio and ask off right off the bat, can we do some smoking and kissing??? cause that is there specialty, these girls are kissing like they have been smoking and kissing each for there whole life!! very sensual;)
Length: 6:36 Size:110Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-29
Veeka and Jade are smoking up a storm and kissing fiesta these girl feels totally good together since there Real life friend, and they are use to kiss each other when they go out ;)
Length: 5:45 Size:96Mb Price: $5

smoke kiss-30
WoW Jade came out of no where godly kissing her smoker;) we team her up with smoking Sarah and magic was produce magical kissing and smoking that is ;)
Length: 5:10 Size:86Mb Price: $5


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